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Area Managers

We are your commercial team at destination

Through our Area Manager and Country Manager services, we carry out several Export Department tasks. Advantages: we are located at destination, near to the importers, distributors and clients, involved in promoting business and to support the brands, opening and maintaining accounts.

Our sales executives complement and enrich the work of the commercial teams of exporting companies (Export Departments, Export Managers or Commercial Directors), assisting them in the areas and tasks where, due to our knowledge of the market, we can generate greater efficiency in the sales process, defending the interests of brands and products given our nearness and attention to customers and consumers.

A local response is given to a global commercial need, also with local supervision and execution

We offer customized solutions to deal with the complex Mexican market as Country Managers and acting in other markets in the Americas as Area Managers

Country Manager México

Área Manager EEUU + México

Área Manager México + Centroamérica + Caribe

Área Manager América Latina, incluyendo México

Área Manager Norteamérica : EEUU (todo o parte) + Canadá + México

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